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Hot rolled heavy plate

OSTEEL provides hot rolled heavy plate which is applied to heavy vehicle,Mechanical production,construction,large ship,bridge,offshore drilling plateform,dock and heavy machinery prodcution,etc.

Size range:Thickness 10-710mm.

category steel grade specification market
thickness width length
carbon structural steel 10-55# 10-710 1500-2500 3000-12000 Heavy vehicle,Mechanical prodcution, Millitary product
Structural steel for bridge Q235qC/D Q345qC/D SM490A 10-710 1500-2500 3000-12000 Structural steel for bridge
Alloy structural steel Cr series,CrMo series Mn series,CrMn series 10-710 1500-2500 3000-12000 ship,vehicle,railway,bridge,pressure vessel,machine production,etc
Plastic mold steel P20,40/45/50Cr 10-300 1500-2500 3000-12000 plastic mold
1.2738(718) 10-300 1500-2500 3000-12000
50MnB 10-300 1500-2500 3000-12000
Low alloy steel plate Q234A,B,C,D 10-710 1500-2500 3000-12000 steel structure,Vehicle production,Mechanical production