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Hot forged block and square bar

OSTEEL is a leading manufacturer of high quality custom forged blocks and square bars for all industries, specializing in the oil & gas, aerospace, medical, chemical and food processing industries.
Our experienced staff will manufacture your custom forged blocks and square bars to your exact specifications, maximizing your production capabilities and minimizing material waste.
We offer a wide range of sizes and grades to meet the requirements of your applications.
We also offer value-added services, including heat treating, cutting, machining to ensure that your finished product is delivered to you ready for production.

Ultrasonic test and spectral analysis are available by following the instructions of a specific specification or by customer request.

Forging press:1 Set of 5000T,1 Set of 3600T, 1 Set of 2000T
Heat treatment: 2 Sets of Q+T system.20 Sets of heating furnaces, Annealing furnaces, Tempering furnaces and Quenching furaces.
Machining:40 Sets of heavy lathes, 20 Sets of milling machines and sawing machines
Quality control:we have a professional team and high-precision test machines,which is capable of carrying out hardness test,UT test, machanical property and chemical analysis to meet the requirement of customers.