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Hot rolled tool steel flat bar

OSTEEL specializes in producing high quality hot rolled tool steel flat bar.

Main products include cold-work tool steel flat bar,hot-work tool steel flat bar,plastic mould steel flat bar stainless steel flat bar and high-speed tool steel flat bar.These products are widely used in many areas of global manufacturing.

Through vacuum degassing and electro-slag remelting,products is more purified.The spheroidized annealing makes it easily processed by shearing and cutting without quenching cracks.It provides an superior quality and stable property for users.

Our size range is from 10-150mm for thickness and 30-910mm for width.

Main steel grade is as follow:

Hot-work tool steel flat bar:

GB/T standard: 4Cr5MoSiV,4Cr5MoSiV1,5CrNiMo
JIS standard: SKD6,SKD61,SKD5,SKT4

ASTM standard: H11,H13,H21,L6

DIN standard: 1.2343,1.2344,1.2581,1.2714

Cold work tool steel flat bar:

GB/T standard: Cr12Mo1V1,Cr12,Cr12W,9CrWMn,9Mn2V,Cr15Mo1V

JIS standard: SKD10,SKD1,SKS3,SKS93,SKD12

ASTM standard: D2,D3,D6,O1,O2,A2

DIN standard: 1.2379,1.2080,1.2436,1.2510,1.2842,1.2363

Plastic mould steel flat bar:

GB/T standard: 3Cr2Mo,3Cr2NiMo

ASTM standard: P20,718

DIN standard: 1.2311,1.2738

Stainless steel flat bar:

GB/T standard: 1Cr13,2Cr13,3Cr13,4Cr13,

JIS standard: SUS410,SUS420J1,SUS420J2,SUS420

ASTM standard: 410,420

DIN standard: X10Cr13,X20Cr13,X30Cr13,X40Cr13(1.2083)

High-speed tool steel flat bar:

GB/T standard: W18Cr4V,W6Mo5Cr4V2,W18Cr4VCo5

JIS standard: SKH2,SKH9,SKH3

ASTM standard: T1,M2,T4

DIN standard: 1.3355,1.3343