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Hot rolled round bar and square bar

Hot rolled steel round bar and square bar can be used in a variety of applications due to its versatility and strength.

At OSTEEL, not only is it strong and versatile, but it is also affordable.

We source the most reliable raw materials to create metal products that achieve the high standards we set for customers expect.

Our hot rolled round bar and square bar selection encompasses a wide range of lengths and sizes to give you the largest array of options.

Delivery condition: Hot rolled +Rough machined or black surface(optional).

Process:EAF+LF+VD+Hot rolled+heat treatment.

Size Range:16mm-350mm for round bar,100-150*100-150mm for suqare bar.

Length: 4.0m and up(Or fix length according the customer requirement).

straightness:Straightness is measured as the largest deviation from the straight line. Normally the test length is 1.0 meter. Normal straightness is 2 mm/meter maximum.

tolerance:Our rolling mills have excellent capability to produce tighter tolerances. Tighter tolerances can be supplied upon request.

Delivery: By both negotiation. (By bulk shippment or By Container)