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Customer Service

OSTEEL is unwaveringly committed to ensuring client satisfaction. With this objective in mind, we consistently uphold the highest standards of customer service in the industry, offering dedicated support to our valued customers.

Through a designated point of contact, our clients receive knowledgeable and friendly service from representatives who are well-versed in their specific requirements. Additionally, we provide a secure portal that allows our clients to conveniently manage and track important documentation, such as material test reports, invoices, and bills of lading.

From the initial stages to project completion, OSTEEL is dedicated to going the extra mile to assist you in executing your project with utmost efficiency.

OSTEEL is committed to initiating quality control measures right from the start of production.

We implement a comprehensive three-step quality control process, which includes:

  1. - Pre-production: During the pre-production phase, we meticulously review every clause of the contract and technical agreement to ensure the effective execution of each point.
  2. - Mid-production: During the production phase, we closely monitor and follow up on every step of the process. We provide regular feedback to the customer as needed, ensuring transparency and effective communication throughout the production stage.
  3. - Post-production: After production, we conduct a series of essential quality control tests, including elements analysis, mechanics testing, hardness testing, and UT (Ultrasonic Testing). These rigorous examinations ensure the integrity and compliance of the finished products.

OSTEEL goes above and beyond by providing double ultrasonic testing services before shipment, even if the maker has already passed the inspection. This additional step demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and ensuring the utmost confidence in our products before they are delivered to our customers.