Carbon Steel

GB/T standard : 20#, 25#, 35#, 45#, 50#, 60#;
JIS standard:S20C, S25C, S35C, S45C, S55C, S60C;
ASTM standard:1020, 1040,1045, 1050,1060;
DIN standard:CK15, C22, C45,C45E,CK45, C60, CK60;

Delivery condition: Hot forged +Rough machined or black surface (optional)

Process: EAF(ESR) + LF + VD + Forged + Heat Treatment (optional)
Size Range:90mm-1000mm
Length: 4.0m and up(Or fix length according the customer requirement).
Inspecting: UTS according to SEP1921 C/c, D/d, E/e, A388 or GB/T 6402 Cut both ends
As forged condition straightness: ≤ 4mm/m, Rough turned bar straightness: ≤ 1mm/m
As forged diameter tolerance: -0/+5mm; Rough turned diameter tolerance: -0/+3mm
Delivery: By both negotiation. (By bulk shippment or By Container)