Customer Service
OSTEEL is unwaveringly committed to client satisfaction. To that end, we strive to maintain the highest standards of customer service in the industry by providing dedicated customer support.
Through a single point of contact, our clients receive knowledgeable, friendly service from representatives familiar with their needs. We also maintain a secure portal to help our clients keep track of documentation, including material test reports, invoices and bills of lading.
From beginning to end, OSTEEL will go the extra mile to help you execute your project efficiently.

OSTEEL are committed to start the quality control from the beginning of production.
We carry out three steps on quality control:
Pre-production: check every clause of the contract and technical agreement to ensure that each point will be executed effectively.
During-production: follow up every step and feedback to the customer when necessary.
After-production: elements analysis, mechanics testing, hardness testing and UT testing.
OSTEEL provides double ultrasonic testing service before shipment even if maker has passed the inspection.